Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Giant Star Party

Yesterday I had a meeting with David Sidwell & Chris Schultz from the American West Heritage Center about their Giant Star Party on August 13th. Today I have been following up on that. I sent an email to the Cache Valley Stargazers to find out if they would be willing to change their already scheduled star party on August 13th from Mt Logan Park to the AWHC, and heard back from one person who is in favor of it. I found out Arno already has Stellarium on his laptop, so I will be able to use that for my presentations. I really like
Stellarium because it has artwork available for a variety of cultures mythology, not just the Ancient Greeks. Also, it's open source, and so free! And easy to use. It also has a "red-eye" mode, so you could take a computer out stargazing, and be able to use it without losing your night vision. I found 9 paper models from NASA, ranging from a bird to the space shuttle. I still need to contact the GAS team & SPS, as well as the outreach people from SDL & ATK.

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