Monday, June 28, 2010

Stupid Computer

Today I spend the whole day finishing up my application for the NASA AU Ambassador training program. It's due by Wednesday, in Washington, DC, & they need both an e-mail copy & a hard copy. I figured a couple hours to answer the last couple of questions & email it off, quick run to the store to get new ink for my printer, then get to the post office by 2pm to mail it. Murphy had other ideas. My computer kept freezing. Fortunately, I was on top of saving my work every couple of sentences, so I never lost any work. It just took most of the day to get even close to the point of being done. Finally I gave up for a couple of hours, went to the store to get the printer ink, and took my time walking home to try and exercise the stress out of me. And so by the time I got the e-mail sent off & the application printed, it was a quarter to 6. That's the time the last mail goes out from the post office here in Logan. So I e-mailed the rest of the StarHouse Discovery Center board to ask approval to send the application FedEx. It was approved, so after dinner I sent it off. I'm still stressing, though. I know I shouldn't be, but what can you do?

On the plus side, I will be teaching an astronomy class tomorrow evening for teenage girls at camp. I always enjoy getting out into the wilderness, looking at the stars, & teaching, so by tomorrow night, I should be feeling good again.

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