Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Too Excited

Apparently, I'm a little too excited to get this thing under way. At least I'm not the only one. At our last board meeting, we decided that for our next one we wanted to meet with James Porter of Cache Valley Space Education Center. He teaches at Thomas Edison South, a local charter school, so we had to change the time to after school got out. Both James & I thought that meeting was supposed to happen today. It's not 'til next week. Argh! I want to get moving on things!

Meanwhile, I had a brainstorm over the weekend. With the simulator, we could start running programs ASAP. All we need is power to it, and access to a classroom. Currently, it's located at North Cache 8-9 Center, & if we can't work out something with that school, we'll also need to move it, which requires a semi. James has some files about what it would cost to move it & run it, some of which he got from CMSEC, & which he has sent me copies of. I also have some files, which I need to share with him. Once we've both had a chance to look over all the files, next week, at the real meeting, we'll be able to talk over them with Neil & Arno, & hopefully move forward with this project of ours

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  1. that would be so awesome if you could move the simulator there. It could be open sooner. dah! I'm getting excited too. I sent you an email. I don't know if you reply if it will go to my email. so i hope that works. . . :)