Tuesday, February 16, 2010

LtUE, report

Last weekend was the annual Life, the Universe, & Everything Science Fiction & Fantasy Symposium at Brigham Young University. I presented on Friday about the StarHouse Discovery Center, and on Saturday, I gave a workshop with some of our equipment. It was a lot of fun. The only problem was that all the teachers from the Educator's Conference on Saturday disappeared while I was setting up the equipment. But then all the Gofers came, & they really enjoyed. Gofers are the volunteers that make sure the panelists & presenters have everything they need - they "go fer this, & go fer that." Most of the Gofers at LtUE are the teenage children of former (& sometimes present) committee members. LtUE is primarily put on by BYU students who enjoy science fiction & fantasy. Some of the panels I attended were Creating Historical Costuming, Using 3D Image Editing Software, World Building, and Filking. Filking is Science, Science Fiction, & Fantasy folk singing. My Dan was with me, which made this year WAY more awesome than previous years, & on Saturday, we took one of our nieces along, too. She's almost eight, & takes art lessons. There were a bunch of art panels on Saturday, & she attended them, really enjoyed herself, & made a cartoon of her own. The Symposium always ends in a banquet, & this year it was held at the Skyroom on BYU campus. Yummy food, good friends, & meeting new, like-minded people - what more can you ask?

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